Saturday, June 30, 2012

The weekend

Friday was fiiiiiinally the day my little secret from my roommate would be out in the open- her boyfriend flew to London to surprise her! Her boyfriend, also named Kyle, had been messaging me for a while to plan things, and I was so excited and anxious for him to be here so that everything would work out! She went to the airport to drop her parents off who had been here for the past week, and they stalled for time until Kyle got there and they all met up! I'm so happy for her (and a tad bit jealous too...)! They're off in Looe this weekend so I have the room to myself, which is very nice, I must say.

I hung out at the house most of yesterday, just blogging and reading and such trying to kill time until they got home from the airport. I ended up going out to run some errands and try to find some souvenirs in shops around the area, and when I got back, Amanda and Kyle were here! We chatted for a while and they went off exploring and Mimi and I ended up going out shopping in Oxford Circus.

Four hours and lots of purchases later...I have lots of beautiful new clothes and I was exhausted! We met up with Ian at wagamama for dinner (so good) and came home. The three of us and Tina hung out here and drank and talked for a while, hung out with Liz when she got home and we found where she had been hiding from us out around the neighborhood, and I went to sleep around 2ish.

Today, I slept in and it was SO NICE. My knee is wearing down rapidly and I was just so physically exhausted and really needed to be lazy for a while. I haven't even left the house today...oops. Did my laundry, SKYPED KYLE YAYYYY, am now totally caught up on my blog and my class blog too, wrote a bunch of postcards, read, had dinner, and have been totally and completely enjoying my weekend of alone time :)

I'm feeling so much better about things overall than I was a few days ago, and I think this weekend and rest was exactly what I needed. The fact that there are three weeks left is scary. I don't know if I'm ready to leave! Definitely need to make the absolute most of the rest of time I have here.

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