Monday, June 11, 2012

Worship on the train to Scotland

I see You in the rolling fields of green in countless shades and shadows, in the deeply rooted trees spread wide and far. You are abounding in grace and love sheltering over Your people and Your creation. You are beauty beyond any I could ever see. The waves breaking on rocky shores to shower the land in mist are nothing in comparison to Your strength and majesty. The sky, endless and limitless, is a tiny detail in the realm of Your splendor.

How can I love You, Lord? I am so sinful, so broken, so far from who You are. How can my heart make anything You would see worth in? How can I love You as You, my King, should be loved and adored? I fall on my face before You. I am humbled by all that You are and all that You have created. Your work is perfect and complete. You made the earth, and it is so so good.

Abba, I see You all around me. I know You are here, I know Your spirit is at work in me, shaping and molding me and refining me in every way. You are good, You are good, You are good. I bow at Your feet, in awe of Your presence, knowing I am sinful but redeemed in Your son’s name. You died to save me, my savior Jesus. I didn’t deserve it then or now, and I will never earn it. I can’t fathom a love that deep, that mighty, that precious and pure. You are true love, Abba, in every way. You are love. I am hungry for more of Your love, more of Your life.

The beauty around me calls me and stirs me to worship all that You are. I pray that that would never go away, that You would always be moving in me to love You more. I want to be more like You, I want to see Your face in new ways every day. As Your mercies are new every glorious morning, may my love for You and for Your people and Your world grow in new ways in every situation.

Lord, I have been so selfish in how I’ve acted and treated Your children in my life. Make me so much less. Be greater in my life. Break me of who I am, and show me how to be more like You. I haven’t been reflecting You as well as I should, and I want to be a mirror. Shine Your light into me, that I may live in the light and not in the darkness. I know I’m a fallen sinner. Cleanse me in the blood of Your Son so I may know You more.

You are in the sun as it rises, and in the beauty left behind when it sets. You are in the stars, past, present, and future as they burn. They burn for You, as the fire in my heart burns for You. Ignite me with an even greater passion for Your name. Erase all that is sinful in me, and make me pure before You.

I’m Yours, in every way. Break me, make me, set me on the path You have set for me, and lead me forward. You are glorious, my awesome God. You are beautiful. I see Your face in this land around me, and I know You are beautiful. I love You, Abba Father.

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