Saturday, June 30, 2012


Kristina, Mimi, Ian and I left the house just after 7 am to take the tube to Wimbledon!
We got there about 45 minutes later or so, and walked from the tube stop with EVERYONE else from the tube to get to the queue and line up! We were nervous about getting tickets, but we got our queue cards and I felt confident that that meant we would get tickets! It was just a huge grassy field with thousands of people lined up and hanging out with picnic blankets and such!

About two hours later, after a few rain showers and spending three pounds to buy a picnic blanket along with a newspaper, a poncho, and a cool woven bag, our line moved and we were able to get in!

Once we got in, we had access to all the grounds! We went and saw some practicing, and then wandered around and found matches that Ian told us were good (he's a big tennis fan and knew everyone, so I was glad he was there to lead us around!). It was a HUGE place and I was surprised at how close we could get to the games and players! The biggest matches were for ticket holders and were in the bigger courts like they show on tv, but we saw some awesome matches and it was great!

It was SO HOT out and I was sweating like crazy, and dehydrated, and I got reaaallllyyyy tired of standing almost the whole time (my knee is getting so much worse). We got lunch in the middle, which was a nice break from being in the sun. It was just a tiring day, but I'm so glad we were able to go and have the experience of going to Wimbledon! I don't know many of the players names, but here are pictures from the day:

The girls went to to the store and then left around 5, and Ian stayed to watch more. I didn't feel well and I was beyond exhausted and just ready to be off my feet and out of the sun. The tube ride back went well and I came home, took a cold shower, and crashed super early! An experience I was glad to have, but don't think I would ever do again.

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