Friday, June 29, 2012

Wilton House and Stonehenge (Sunday)

Woke up, had breakfast again like yesterday (just toast and cereal for me today, though).
Once we ate, we packed and got ready to leave, and then we were back on the coach to head to Wilton House. We were driving on a lot of mountain, windy roads, and I didn't feel good at all. I tried to sleep most of the way (pretty unsuccessfully) and when we got off the bus at Wilton House, I had to rush to the bathroom and got sick. Several other people got motion sick too, so it was a pretty unpleasant morning all around.

The Wilton House was a huge estate home where an earl and his family lives (and where they have lived for many years, passed down from earl to earl, etc). It was gorgeous, but because I was feeling so sick, I wasn't really enjoying much of it at all. Couldn't take any pictures inside, but it was a huge, very ornate, very fancily decorated home that was hard to picture a current family with young children living in today. Movies like Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility and Young Victoria filmed scenes in one of the rooms! Need to watch them so I can see it.

We had a lunch prepared for our group, but I just ate rolls and some potatoes to try to calm my stomach down. Someone had dramamine that I was able to take, and then we were back on the coach to head to Stonehenge!

This bus ride was much better- I think the medicine helped, and I slept the whole way, and then we were there! Since I was asleep until we got there, I didn't see it as we drove up like everyone else did, so when we were walking up, I got so excited when I first could see it!

It was so surreal to see! It's one of those places I've seen pictures of my whole life, and to actually be there was just really weird. It's in the middle of nowhere (a lot like Four Corners- middle of nowhere, and then all of a sudden this huge tourist attraction with a gift shop and cafe and weird).

It was a gorgeous day- sunny but SUPER windy, but the sky was awesome in all the pictures! You could walk almost all around it, but then had to turn back and retrace your steps to leave. We spent quite a while out there, taking pictures and just laying in the grass and taking it all in. Such a cool day. We were really bummed though, because we knew the other JMU group that was here earlier this summer was able to go in the middle of it and hug the stones and everything, but it was all roped off when were there (probably because of the summer solstice (aka the big Druid day of worship/celebration/etc)).

Here are some pics of the famous Stonehenge!

After Stonehenge, we had a few hours on the road to get back to Madison House, and then it was back to working on my papers that were due this week and unpacking and finally, SLEEP.

Such a long weekend, but so many awesome things were seen. It's nearing the end and I don't know how to feel about it! No more weekend trips with the group for weird.

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