Saturday, March 3, 2012

Unexpected airplane blessings

Never did I EVER imagine that I would make a friend on my flight today. I fully intended on getting on the plane, sticking my headphones in my ears, and falling asleep. I did fall asleep before take-off, but I didn't put my headphones in for some reason. When I woke up, the girl next to me asked about my knee brace. Usually I hate this question, it usually annoys me that it's the first thing people ask me. It didn't bother me this time though, I was perfectly  fine with talking to her about it. Turns out she had a knee injury too, so we got to talking about it.

We kept talking, about our schools and majors, and we soon found out we are both really into working for non-profit organizations. Within minutes, this girl and I had so much in common and formed a sort of friendship that I never thought I would have developed on just a flight to AZ.

Let me tell you, this girl is on FIRE for the Lord. She is doing so many awesome things at Georgetown and in her hometown of Las Vegas. We both have passion for abolishing human trafficking, and we talked about our experiences and stories for so long. We shared our testimonies and how God has been blowing our minds and leading us to so many amazing things that we never expected for ourselves. The more we talked, the more I just was so in awe of my Creator and how He works.

God works in the details. There are SO many people that could have been in that seat next to me, but it was TaJ. I could have put my headphones in and been totally unavailable for conversation, but I didn't. I could have packed my knee brace instead of worn it, and there might not have been a reason for her to strike up conversation. We could have missed the flight and not been there at all. But God orchestrated everything so flawlessly, leading to the most unexpected and beautiful blessing that is just still blowing my mind.

I'm in the Denver airport now, killing time on a layover, and I'm just sitting her still so amazed by the Lord of the Universe and all that He does. It was so reaffirming and encouraging for me to talk to her. I needed that reminder that God is at work no matter where I go, and no matter what I'm doing. I've been so focused on seeing my friends and being back in AZ that I sort of put that out of my mind a little, but God just radically reminded me that He is sovereign and in control and working all things together for my good and His glory.

Not to mention, TaJ is working to start her own non-profit and needs a graphic designer to help her out, and wants me to be the one to do it. SERIOUSLY?! God, you are INCREDIBLE. So so so good, in every way.

The coolest part of our whole conversation, even though there were many, as we have so many passions and beliefs and thoughts in common, was this one statement she made. She told me that I'm a mirror of Christ's life. That I'm mirroring how Jesus lived and loved. I was floored. First of all, what a truly beautiful and humbling compliment. To be even remotely referred to as anything like Christ is just so unbelievable as I know I'm galaxies away from anything close to Him. But the coolest part of all was that Vianne had told me the same thing several months ago. To hear the same words coming out of the mouth of a total stranger just blew me away. Vianne knows me so deeply and thoroughly, and she has seen me go through so much. TaJ just met me, and really knows very little about who I am, but she saw Jesus in me.

I just can't even wrap my head around that. I can't comprehend it. It's all Him working through me, and I'm just so humbled that He would choose me to be a vessel for furthering His kingdom.

So humbled. So honored. So blessed.

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