Sunday, March 11, 2012

Now that I'm back...

...all I want to do is just leave again and be in Arizona. Nothing compares to being there. Nothing.

There's just something about that state that is home to me and I miss it like crazy the minute I'm gone. Flying away was so depressing; I just always want to live there with all my best friends. Palm trees and cacti and rocks instead of grass and no clouds and sunshine and warm weather are the best. I don't need changing seasons and hills and woods. I just can't wait to be back in Arizona. Hopefully I'll be back this summer, and maybe after graduation too. Either way, it won't be soon enough.

Spring break 2012 was the best in a long time, by far. Here are some of the pictures!

Rain leaving DC...

Snow over Denver...

And sun, sun, sun in AZ :)
Two flights and a half a day later...I'm in AZ :)

Judge me all you want for posting about food, but my long-awaited Pei Wei meal was DELICIOUS.
A trip to AZ isn't complete without a Diamondbacks game...

Three best friends

The girls at the gamed
And now for a visit to the old house and neighborhood to see everyone:

Started babysitting these girls when Mollie was a baby, she's now in 3rd grade. Leah is now 5, and little Rachel and I just met :)

All the neighbors!

And more of the best friends:

Best week. Ever. SB in AZ, you were too good to me. Best week with the best of friends and the best memories.

It's breaking my heart not being in that beautiful desert. At least I have London to look forward to!

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