Thursday, October 4, 2012

You are.

You are in the still of the night, in the cool, crisp darkness full of the chirping of crickets.
You are in the fog of every dawn, in the sweet breath of life the sunrise brings.
You are in the joyous, wide-eyed smiles of infants discovering the world minute by minute.
You are in the distance, in every mile, in every conversation.
You are in the foundations, in the cornerstone on which my hope is grounded.
You are in the changing of seasons, in the transitions and turning tides and tomorrows.
You are in the past, in the hurt and in the healing, in the hope and in the heartbreak.
You are in the moment, each unique and each an opportunity.
You are in the circle of friends coming together as a community and a family.
You are in the stillness, the silence and solitude of aloneness.
You are in the chaos, in the hectic and in the frantic and in the panic.
You are in the ancient days, in the days of creation and separation and redemption.
You are in the heavens, glorious and full of splendor.
You are in all. You were, you are, you always will be.
You are.

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mom said...

WOW! Beautiful Rachel... choked me up. Love your way of expressing your feelings.