Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The weekend

Recap of the weekend since I've been slacking on the blog...


Slept in until like 10:45am...yikes. We went to the Brunswick market again for lunch (about 6 or 8 of us I think)- got veggie paella that was super good but got cold before I could eat it I got another empanada like the first time we went to the market, and a smoothie from a chain place! We were there for a few hours, shopping around at various shops that all had sales, and then Rachel Gill, Amanda and I came back to the house because we had to get ready for Les Mis!

We got ready and I ate my paella for dinner and then we were off to pick up our tickets! We took the tube and got our tickets from the Leicester Square Box Office (they were only 24.50 in pounds!) which was quick and easy, and then walked a few blocks to the Queen's Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue (known as Theatreland!). We waited outside for maybe 20 minutes or so before we were let inside.

the four of us!

this is what the view looks like from the highest row of seats in the theatre


last ones in the theatre!

It was an INCREDIBLE show. So good. I was worried we wouldn't be able to see very well from the top row, but it was perfect. The stage was a huge circle that spun at various points, which was a really cool effect and added a lot to the performance. The music was on point and I kept having to stop myself from singing along...I just loved it so much. The characters did a really great job and they all had awesome voices. Life=complete. Best night ever.

I woke up and didn't feel very well so I stayed home and didn't go to church- Amanda was going to a church further away and I didn't feel up to riding the tube and such. I had my own mini-church and it was exactly what I needed. When she got back, we went to the grocery store and got some food for the week.

We were going to the Icebar at 5, so we all got ready and were hanging out and drinking and then left just after 4 to go take the tube to the Icebar! We got very lost after getting off the tube, but ended up getting directions to get there.

almost the whole group!

 We had gotten our tickets online already, so we just had to tell them our names when we got there. We got our cape/parka things and were let in through a huge door and we had 45 minutes in the room! It was such a whirlwind, but it was so much fun and so cool to do! We got a drink as part of the ticket cost, and mine was called Roadhouse Blues, some berry fruity thing. We basically just ran around and all got really excited and took a ton of pictures, and then it was time to go when the countdown clock ran out!
seriously SO excited

the actual bar at the icebar

free drink!


the full ensemble!
Such a fun night- best 45 minutes ever! We all went back to the Rocket- the pub where we had gone earlier in the week, and got dinner and some people got more drinks. I just ate- the best veggie burger EVER- and a few of us headed back to the house while most people stayed there. I was so exhausted and crashed before 9 pm, but somehow woke up around 11 to skype Kyle on his last day in China! It didn't work very well, but we chatted a little bit, and I went back to sleep!

One of the overall best weekends here so far- such a good mix of new things and familiar things and just so much fun with the group. I really love the people here and everything about being here and getting to explore and do so many things I've never done! Time is flying by.

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