Saturday, June 9, 2012

Productive Day/ Travel to Edinburgh!

Thursdays=free days!

Slept in (not really), got my reading done for Culture By Design, did my quiet time, and when the group was all awake and ready to go, we headed out to a local farmer's market.

The market was at the University of London in a little open courtyard space, and I got a yummy cheddar and leek quiche at a vegetarian stand and some AWESOME super fresh apple juice that was the best thing I've ever had to drink in my life... so good.

It started to pour while we were there (not loving this typical gloomy, rainy, cold London weather...), and of course my umbrella broke yesterday so that was fun. We headed to the Cartoon Museum where we had to do a self-guided exploring of sorts for our Media and Politics class. It was a tiny little place but it was jam packed of awesome cartoons and sketches from hundreds of years ago to today.

We went back to Madison House afterward and Amanda and I watched two documentaries- Helvetica and Objectified. One was for class, and the other one was just because I'm a graphic design and font nerd- I loved them both! Definitely recommend watching them. After, I got a TON of work done for school- wrote a media analysis paper, wrote my blog post for my solo class, etc. My group for Society met up and did some of our group work, got distracted by a "time I studied abroad in London" tumblr, etc. Packed for Edinburgh, crashed early!


Up and out of the house by eight to be at the train station to leave for Scotland! My seat was one of four around a table, two facing the other two with a table in between. Trains are awesome, I seriously love being able to see everything about where we're going, and to get there faster! It's great.

The scenery was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I was just listening to hymns and worship music and Phil Wickham's "Beautiful" came on, and it was so perfect. Everything was so pure and green and simple and just so breathtaking. I was so mesmerized the whole time- I couldn't stop staring out the window and just thanking God for the creation He has made and for how incredible it is. So awesome. It was the best four hours of the trip- so peaceful and just such a good time for me to reflect and pray and just be in my own little world.


I'll update later with adventure since we've been here in Edinburgh!

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