Thursday, May 31, 2012

The last day of May

Well, we ended up not going to the Trafalgar Square opera thing last night. A bunch of us ended up going out to dinner in Covent Garden at a cool little pizzeria place (I swear I eat more pizza and Italian food here than anything else...). The owner was hilarious and made fun of us a lot throughout the night, but it made it fun and entertaining! I got a DELICIOUS panini that didn't fill me up at all, but was so good nonetheless.

After dinner, we went off in search of a pub and ended up wandering over into Piccadilly Circus and Trocadero area, finally settling at St. James Tavern. It was the birthday of one of the girls in our group and she ended up joining our group later on in the night. We beat the rush at the pub- it ended up getting so busy! We definitely were the youngest ones in there- apparently the pub scene is more for older people. Oh well. I enjoyed it!

We spent a while at the pub and then took the tube back home where we all kept hanging out in our flat pretty late- none of us had any classes today so there was no real reason to head to bed early.

Today was a FREE DAY. No classes or any group activities! I slept in til about 10:30 which was AWESOME, and then spent a few hours taking notes for class in my new notebook, working on my blog post for my solo class (you can check it out at if you're interested in a more in-depth analysis of my class outings), and writing some postcards and such.

Around lunch time, five of us headed out to go back to Camden Town to revisit the things we had seen earlier this week when we went. It was much cloudier and chillier today and I was not totally prepared in my outfit choice, but it ended up being fine. I think the gloomy weather affected my mood a lot, because I was not feeling being there at all. All the stalls have basically the same things, so every sales person basically attacks you when you walk in trying to make you buy their stuff, and I was not in the mood for it. I basically just followed the group around in a weird daze and didn't buy anything or really pay much attention to anything. Not the best day, but oh well.

We spent a few hours there, and then took the tube back home and went to Sainsbury's for some groceries. Grocery shopping is a much more often thing in Europe, which I really like. It was sprinkling a little bit when we were walking home. I had a sandwich and veggies for dinner, took a power nap, and got back to work on my blog. Today has been such a blah day, but hopefully tomorrow and our outing to Oxford as a group is more fun!

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